Ten Types Of Wood Used In Furniture


Oak is one of the more common hardwoods. It is very dense and strong. It’s also somewhat naturally resistant to wood rot and insect infestation. For these reasons and more, oak is a standby for creation of wood furniture of all types.


Pine is one of the more common softwoods. They grow really fast, which makes replenishing this wood easy compared to other types. For that reason furniture made out of pine is generally cheaper than the same items made out of other types of wood.


Mahogany is best known for its dark red shine when sanded down and varnished. This wood is very good at resisting rot, which has made it a favorite for furniture creation throughout the ages. Mahogany is also used a lot in the construction of guitars.

The cherry tree is a tradition in American furniture construction. Like mahogany, cherry trees result in a dark, reddish color, making for beautiful furniture. Not only known for making furniture, these trees are also known for their beautiful flowers.


Poplar is another hardwood tree. Poplar’s are some of the tallest hardwood trees in North America. While it is a hardwood, poplar is generally used for cabinet doors and other pieces that don’t need to bear a lot of weight.


Walnut is a hard, dense wood, making it great for furniture construction. It also has a very distinguished color that ranges from light to very dark, adding to its popularity for furniture.


Some varieties of maple have a very intriguing wood grain pattern, making them very popular for tables and shelves and other types of furniture that can show off their interesting grain patterns. Not all maple’s share this quality and you can’t tell until the tree has been cut in half, making it more rare and sought after when creating one of a kind wood furniture.


Teak is a very tall tropical hardwood generally found in South and Southeast Asia. Antique furniture made out of teak is some of the most sought after. Teak is also very resistant to termites, adding to its value for furniture the world over.


While there are many different types of redwood trees, one of the more impressive is the “Giant Sequoia”. Coast Redwood and Dawn Redwood are the two other varieties. While the Giant Sequoia is generally very resistant to decay, it’s a very brittle wood. It’s also very light weight.


Spruce trees are very tall softwoods. While used primarily for paper construction, spruce trees are also used for construction of crates, baskets and other things that don’t require it to bear a lot of weight.

These are just some of the types of wood used for making furniture around the world. With even more available, you’re sure to find the perfect piece of wood furniture for your home or office.