Teak Open-Air Furniture – Reason Why Acquiring Teak Deck Furniture Is An Essential This Season

Teak Outdoor furniture is a very dense rough-grained hardwood that grows in Southeast Asia, Africa and of late being grown on agricultutal areas in Central America. Teak wood is normally straight grained, but sometimes has the rare wave, with an uneven texture.

Teak wood has high amounts of silica, which leads to a rapid dampening of sharp edges. Unlike other woods, which have levels of silica in their bark, teak contains high levels of silica everywhere. When teak is newly cut, the body of the wood is blunt, and the timber has a lovely aromatic odor that smells a bit like leather.

Freshly sawn teak has somewhat ‘oily’ feel to it due to the excessive oil matter. And one of the major facts about teak wood and making it ideal for exterior furniture is the fact that it’s so tough owing to it’s high content of rubber and oil which is available originally in the wood.

Additionally, with the excessive levels of resinous oil and silica available in the timber, they help it act as a natural termite repellent, which gives the timber a powerful resistance to being attacked by termites and other wood boring bugs.

Teak is also resilient to water and other compounds, including acids. It doesn’t have a strong effect when it is touched by metals.

If teak outdoor furniture is being planned, teak exterior furniture is the way to go. But in your search of teak furniture, verify it is of Grade An European class and has been appropriately kiln dried.

Then observe keenly the condition and fit of the joinery (joints) of the piece of teak outdoor furniture you are going to acquire. Confirm the thickness of the wood, look thoroughly at the underside of the piece, and keep in mind, the fit and appearance of the parts you can see convey a lot on the parts you cannot see.

To learn more about how to care for teak outdoor furniture and where to find them at great low prices visit us today. We also talk about how to decorate your outdoors with teak deck furniture.