Reception Furniture – An Office Mood-changer

The appearance and comfort of a company’s reception furniture can make an amazing difference in the ambiance of the office. If workers spend a considerable amount of time in the reception area, it can affect their mood. In any case, it can change the attitudes of colleagues, clients or other visitors.

There are a few things to remember when choosing furniture for your front desk area.

1. Wood chairs create a warmer mood than either plastic or metal reception chairs. Wood is usually used for the end tables and coffee tables, so that warm glow can be carried out throughout the room if the reception desk and chairs are done in beautifully finished wood as well.

2. Matched furniture styles create a more unified and less busy look. When all the furniture in the reception area comes from different styles, the resulting effect can be tacky, cheap, annoying and even quite jarring if the pieces are in styles that conflict too much. If some of the furniture is contemporary casual, it should all be. There should not be one Edwardian chair stuck in for decoration. It will look out of place and create tension in the room.

3. Floral prints create a homey, charming mood in the office. When reception furniture is done in prints, it can create a more personal, friendly touch. However, it is important to make sure that is the image you want to portray and the environment you want in your reception room. Some business managers like that laid-back feel, while others want a more business-oriented, alert crowd in their waiting room.

4. Upholstered furniture affords a kind of physical relaxation rather than a visual one. It still affects the mood of the people in the reception area by making them feel more at ease and comfortable. Be sure not to make the upholstered furniture so deep or so low that it is difficult to get out of, especially if you have older clients.

5. The right desk, occasional tables and chairs in a reception room can create an ambiance of modernity and innovation. Look for long, sleek and clean lines with little adornment. Scandinavian Contemporary furniture can have an up-to-date look, but Retro can also give a look of space age sophistication.

6. Furniture care is crucial. No matter what type of style you get, the furniture in your reception room will make your business look unsuccessful if you do not keep it clean, repaired and updated. Have a routine maintenance schedule so a worker can go over the condition of the furniture and perform the necessary tasks to bring it back into good shape.

Outfitting an entire reception area with a reception desk, chairs, end tables, coffee tables and even lamps can be a daunting task. Yet the results will be well-received if you do a good job at creating the mood you have tried to achieve. Reception furniture can give a drab office a whole new lease on life.