Petri Wood Cedar Shield is ideal for treating wooden furniture from pest attack

Are you worrying that pests might damage your favourite and expensive wooden furniture? Petri Wood Cedar Shield is a solution to it. Now stop worrying as it is efficient in wood preservation and gives you no reason to complain. It is composed of Cedar oil (10%) and Silane fluid (90%). Besides coating the wood, it penetrates deep into the core of it. Coating will only protect the upper surface but since it is soaked by the wood it destroys the tiny insects hidden inside the wood too. It also prevents splitting, cupping and expansion or contraction of wood. It also increases the lifetime of the wood by strengthening its fiber. You can prevent your old or new fence, deck, furniture or any other item made up of wood from the insects and pests infestation.

Petri wood cedar shield has numerous advantages if applied at correct and proper manner. Protect your wood at initial stages and do not for the pests to destroy it. It can be applied using a brush or roller, compression sprayer, air or airless paint guns. You can simply use the gardener spray too. After the treatment the wood can be painted with oil or water based paints. For decks its application rate is one gallon per square feet and for fences it is one gallon per 150 feet. It gives best results when treated below 130 degree Fahrenheit temperature. It may also helps in encapsulating ACQ, CCA and poisonous treatments which are common in playground.

It complies with the FDA FOOD GRADE requisite which is considered to harmless for children and pests. All the cedar products are considered to be green pest control products. Thus Petri Wood Cedar Shield keeps your furniture beautiful and healthy without any harm to environment or living beings.

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